Okazaki Junior High School (Affiliation of Aichi University of Education) Visit

Daisuke Fukuda
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[April 24, 2018]

Several students from Aichi University of Education's Okazaki Junior High School visited Fukuda Lab this week. The students were having a small research in Artificial Intelligent (AI), particularly studying about autonomous vehicle. They were interested in the relationship between transportation planning and the advanced technology that is recently being an ongoing issue, particularly in the developed countries.

The visit to Fukuda Lab was a part of the school's excursion program. The students showed their eagerness in learning about the topic, and brought up some important points, questioning about the traffic congestion which may be caused due to the autonomous vehicle's shortest path choice, or how to solve such problems through communication technology. Their high motivation has inspired us as university students to also be critical and solutive to the current issues.

Thank you for the visit to Fukuda Lab!


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