Civil Engineering Studies Research Presentation (June 9-10, Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus)

Daisuke Fukuda
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[June 9-10th, 2018]

The Civil Engineering Studies Research Presentation is an annual event which showcases the work of civil engineering professors and students from Japan and overseas students. This time, Tokyo Institute of Technology is honored to be the host of this annual event. The 57th event was held in Tokyo Tech's Ookayama Campus. Several students from Civil Engineering Departments worked as staffs of administration, liaison officers, and some of them also presented their works in the field of civil engineering.

Several students from Fukuda Laboratory also participated as participants in this occasion. They are Ihoroi-san and Shiroma-san from Master 1st grade (oral presentation), Hirabayashi-san from Master 2nd grade (poster presentation), and Dantsuji-san from Doctoral 2nd grade.

We would like to thank all the organizer, staffs, and participants who came and participated in this event and helped the event to be successful. Thank you for your hard work.



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